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Week 14 Challenge

This weeks challenge features pictures from the Law and Order episode, Flaw. You have a choice of three pictures. You can merge them or just use one, but as always you can only submit one icon. I also thought it might be a good idea to have a theme each week, something to make the challenge more interesting. So for this week the theme is no words. That's right, no text in your icon. Have fun!

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Challenge Ends: October 26
Submitting: As a screened comment to this post.
sherlock holmes ♥ so much beauty

Challenge 13... again

So tomorrow is the deadline for this weeks icontest and we only have one entry.

Did you people really dislike her hair that much?

In an effort to get more entries (or at least more then one...) I've decided to change the contest pictures. Since everyone was pretty much in agreement that Olivia looked too cute holding the baby in this Tuesday's ep I managed to find caps of the scene and ta da, your new challenge.

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Challenge ends: Friday, October 7.
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Challenge #13

This week you get a choice of three pictures all from the newest episode. They feature Olivia's groovy new hair. You can use just one or merge them together. But remember, only one icon per person can be submited. All icons are to be submited as screened comment to this post with the icon and URL.

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Challenge ends: Friday, September 30.
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Sorry about the wait on the week 12 icontest. I went away for a week and I've just started working so I haven't had time. The good news is that yall had plenty of time to vote on your favorite icons.

Under the cut are the winners. I didn't do a mods choice because we only had five entries.

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No, Benson Still isn't dead. We only have three entries for an icontest posted three weeks ago... So I'm going to give it another week. Whatever we have I'll post and you'll vote and then for the rest of the summer Benson Stills shall go on hiatus. Once season 7 starts, (September 20!) we'll be back in business.

Click HERE to enter.

Challenge Ends: Saturday, August 13