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benson_stills's Journal

Olivia Benson Stillness
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If you're a fan of Olivia Benson from Law and Order Special Victims Unit and like making icons, then this is the place for you. This icontest community works like any other, make an icon out of the picture posted at the start of the week, people vote, and the best three (and mods choice) get a banner. Pictures will be mostly of Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson (hey, this isn't called benson stills for nothing) but we'll also use pictures of Mariska out of character (like at award shows, in magazines, interviews, ect.) and with other people, like her co-stars.

Co-Mods:thebabyelephant & mousie962


1. No animation is allowed, this is Benson Stills, keyword, stills. You are allowed to use brushes, text and anything else, as long as it isn't animated.
2. You must be a member to enter an icon.
3. One icon per entry.
4. You can't post your icon (ex: like in an icon journal) or use it until the contest is over.
5. You may not vote for yourself or get your friends to vote for you.
6. Your icons must fit LJ's standards. 100x100 MAX, 40kb and JPG, PNG or GIF format.

A picture is posted every Sunday. You have until 8:00 PM EST on Friday to submit an icon. All voting is done on Saturday. The winners will be posted along with the new picture that Sunday.
Banners will be given sometime during the week.
All entries must be submitted as a comment on the specified post with the icon.

Want to link us back? Come on, you know you want to! Just copy and paste the code from the box below.

maura_stillness-Maura Tierney
_lateaswecan-ER, Third Watch and The West Wing
rachelb_stills-Rachel Bilson
svu_stillness- Law & Order Special Victims Unit

Also, thanks to Captain_Sam for all of the screen caps.